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Board of Governors


The School Board of Mt. Hagen International School is committed to supporting the school to become the best deliver of the IEA Curriculum, as possible for the students and the professional development of the staff.

The School Board is dedicated to the school and is effective in helping define the strategic direction of the school and questioning and challenging to ensure excellent practice across all areas of school development.

As in all IEA Schools, our School Board is accountable to IEA Board of Directors and plays a fundamental advisory role to the Principal. For more information about the IEA’s governance structures, please visit the IEA Website for accessing the appropriate documents in relation to governing schools.


The Board of Governors represents the school community of Mt. Hagen International School. It is made up of elected parents’ members, an IEA representative, the Principal and a staff representative.

An aim of our governing body is to be as open and as approachable as possible, therefore the School Board members are keen to hear from you, if you have any questions relating to the school from a strategic perspective. To reach any of the School Board members, please drop an email to or leave a message at the school reception with your question and an answer will come back to you. Please indicate which board member you would like to respond.