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Daily Planner/Home Link Books
  • Serves as a bridge between the school and home, fostering a strong connection and mutual understanding between teachers, parents, and guardians. Its great for leaving short notes on incomplete homework, incorrect uniform and organizing parent/teacher meetings, etc.
  • Please make sure contact numbers in your child's Daily Planner is up to date.
  • Parent/Guardians are required to sign their child's Daily Planners/Homelinks Book every day.
  • Please make sure contact numbers in your child’s Daily Planner are up to date.

Correspondence via email is not 100% reliable due to connectivity issues within the Madang Province. Therefore if you do not recieve a reply within 48 hours, we would encourage you to call the school directly.

  • Regular attendance is very important. Students should only be absent from school if they are ill, or by prior arrangement with the teacher.  If students are required to leave school for any reason, a request should be made by phone or in writing in advance, notifying the class teacher and the Principal.  All absences need to be explained in writing. 

Home Support

Parent Teacher Conferences (PTC)
  • During the conference, teachers share information about the child's performance, behavior, and participation in class activities, while parents can ask questions, express concerns, and provide additional information about their child's needs or challenges.
  • There is usually one PTC every Term. However, a emergency PTC can be scheduled any time at the request of a parent or Teacher. We encourage parents to make formal appointments for PTC.
  • Homework may include reading assignments, problem-solving exercises, research projects, writing tasks, or practice exercises related to the subjects being taught.
  • We encourage parents to assist their child. And provide home internet access especially for research purposes where necessary.

Health & Safety

  • We strongly recommend students have the appropriate vaccinations prior to coming to school. Vaccines for Tetanus, Polio, Measles, Rumps and Rubella, Diphtheria and Whooping cough are recommended. BCG against Tuberculosis is also advisable. If unsure please take time to visit your nearest health centre.

  • We firmly believe in promoting respect, empathy, and kindness among our student body. That's why we have implemented a strong anti-bullying initiative to ensure every student feels valued, supported, and protected.