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At Mt. Hagen International School, we believe that education extends beyond the confines of the classroom. That's why we offer an exhilarating array of excursions, trips, and camps that enrich our students' educational experience and create lasting memories.

Our carefully curated excursions take our students to fascinating places. From exploring historical sites to immersing themselves in different cultures, these excursions provide unique opportunities for hands-on learning and personal growth. Whether it's visiting archaeological sites, or natural wonders, our students develop a deeper appreciation for the world around them.

We also organize thrilling trips to renowned educational institutions, industries, and research centers. These trips offer valuable insights into various fields of study, fostering a spirit of curiosity and inspiring our students to pursue their passions. They get to interact with experts, participate in workshops, and witness real-world applications of their classroom learning.

But the adventure doesn't stop there! Our carefully planned camps offer students an unforgettable outdoor experience that combines fun, adventure, and character building. From camping to engaging in team-building activities, students develop resilience, leadership skills, and a sense of camaraderie.

Upcoming  Trips & Activities

Join us in staying up-to-date with all things happening at Mt. Hagen International School through our engaging School Calendar conveniently located on the home page of our website and our informative newsletters. Or simply reach out to Kolis Waira, Principal of HIS, by calling (675) 7192 0517 or emailing